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Hello! I'm Sumay Bhojwani

Aspiring Chemical Process Engineer. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M with a focus on Process Synthesis and Integration. I am a dedicated person who likes solving technical problems in manufacturing or engineering fields. For me, problem solving is an exhilarating experience, which is unequaled by anything else. 


In my undergrad, I assumed leadership roles in various activities and held managerial positions through which I learnt the importance of teamwork, gained soft skills vital to any professional engineer. My internship in Italy gave me a unique opportunity to work in multicultural teams, providing me with a global exposure, enhancing my adaptability. So, I have picked up a lot of skills along the way. And, it’s been a pretty fun ride.


My goal right now is to find a position at a company where I can grow along with the company and take on new challenges over time. But I would really like to get involved in product leadership positions and use my experience to create a difference as time goes on. Excellent problem solving and process analysis skills gathered in my previous experiences as an intern have motivated me in my quest to be a process engineer.

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Sumay Bhojwani
Chemical Engineer









1000, University Dr E
College Station, TX 77840

Date of Birth:

July 25, 1993


Pursuing Masters of Science in Chemical Engineering. Relevant Coursework: Process Integration, Simulation and Economics, Process Safety, Reaction Engineering, Chemical Thermodynamics, Transport Phenomena, Linear and Non-linear Programming


Master's Degree


Bachelor's Degree


Completed my Bachelors in Chemical Engineering in May 2016. Relevant Coursework: Process Equipment Design, Fluidization Engineering, Energy Systems and Technology, Industrial Waste Management, Design of Separation Processes


Process Engineering

Process Integration and Synthesis

Manufacturing and Production

Process Optimization

Process Safety

Waste Management



Roles & Responsibilities included troubleshooting process excursions, creating and updating corresponding FMEA, A3, Management of Change (MOC) documents; Analyzing in-process SPC data through CamLine and Wonderware; conducting RCAs and constructing fishbones and modelling production efficiency trends 

June 2017- Aug 2017

Manufacturing Engineering Intern

May 2015 - July 2015

Research Assistant


Worked on 3 ongoing projects throughout the internship learning the importance of methodical thinking while solving a problem. Achieved reduction in impurities in an anti-fungal drug by 57% through anti-solvent crystallization, thereby improving the yield. Analyzing and managing data from the tests conducted on HPLC and GC setups.


Prepared membranes by TIPS technique & characterized them on the basis of contact angle, strength, porosity and pore size. Analyzed permeability and efficiency of membranes by tests on Direct Contact Membrane Distillation configuration

May 2014 - July 2014

Research Assistant


Separation of salts from an industrial sludge

Fabricated a working prototype to reduce the dry waste discharge volume by 75% by extracting Mg, Ca, Ba and Na salts. Applications in Chlor-Alkali industry; reduction in annual landfill amounts by 2700 MT (with 10 MT/day waste sludge). Proposal to recycle and reduce EDTA use in dissolution of BaSO4; estimated cost savings of about US$ 225,000 annually

Heavy Metal Treatment of Disposed e-waste

Led a team of 5 to estimate e-wastes by Multivariate Flow Analysis for years 1996-2030 by using electronic sales' variables. Performed life cycle analysis for lead in e-waste and economic turnover of lead refinery process based on Fluobor process. Engineered design specifications (equipment dimension, pressure drop, valve locations, optimal slurry flow through pipes)


Process Integration and Process Safety

Used safety indices and reliability block diagrams to form a relationship between inherent safety and equipment reliability. Manipulated this relationship to optimize the process in terms of inherent safety, reliability and profitability indices. Analyzed hazard through Dow CEI and F&EI; constructing fault trees and determining LC50 values for risk assessment

Product Development for Biogas Production

Validated feasibility of a company’s product; improved biogas production efficiency by planning series of experiments. Established relationship among different process variables and biogas levels by using data from HPLC and GC modules

Simulating flow and reaction in microchannels

Used ANSYS Fluent, CFX to predict flow behavior in different geometries (pipe, flat plate) and boundary conditions. Analyzed flow and mass transfer in multiphase flow regimes & reaction kinetics for biodiesel synthesis in micro-mixers