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Hello! I'm Sumay Bhojwani

Aspiring Chemical Process Engineer. Currently, I am pursuing my Masters in Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M with a focus on Process Synthesis and Integration. I am a dedicated person who likes solving technical problems in manufacturing or engineering fields. For me, problem solving is an exhilarating experience, which is unequaled by anything else. 


In my undergrad, I assumed leadership roles in various activities and held managerial positions through which I learnt the importance of teamwork, gained soft skills vital to any professional engineer. My internship in Italy gave me a unique opportunity to work in multicultural teams, providing me with a global exposure, enhancing my adaptability. So, I have picked up a lot of skills along the way. And, it’s been a pretty fun ride.


My goal right now is to find a position at a company where I can grow along with the company and take on new challenges over time. But I would really like to get involved in product leadership positions and use my experience to create a difference as time goes on. Excellent problem solving and process analysis skills gathered in my previous experiences as an intern have motivated me in my quest to be a process engineer.

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